Warehousing Solutions


Cross Dock

Cross-docking is a practice that consists in unloading goods from an arriving transportation unit (train, truck etc.) and loading these goods directly into another transportation unit (outbound truck, trailer, etc.) with little to no storage requirements.  Cross-docking is beneficial for companies that bring shipments originating from one location but need to be distributed to numerous locations. Conversely, this works just as seamlessly when bringing shipments from numerous locations and consolidating to a shipment going to one location. Here is where Lakeshore Warehousing, LLC will help you.  Shipments are received in our warehouse, unloaded, sorted, processed then loaded into different transportation units that will deliver your product to its destination.   



Transloading is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. It is most commonly employed when one mode cannot be used for the entire trip, such as when goods must be shipped internationally from one inland point to another. This could include rail, ocean, or truck.

 Import Container Transloading: when an import ocean container is “transloaded” to a domestic 53’ OTR (over the road) trailer or 53’ intermodal container for final delivery to a domestic delivery address that is too cost prohibitive for a drayage carrier (drayman) to deliver due to its distance from the port.

Export Container Transloading: when a domestic 53’ OTR (over the road) trailer or 53’ intermodal container from an inland location is delivered near the port area and is then “transloaded” to an ocean container.

Industrial, Overweight or Out of Gauge Cargo Transloading: when a domestic flatbed, stepdeck, or overdimensional shipment is loaded and lashed to a 20' flatrack or 40' flatrack.  Also, unloading 20' & 40' flatracks onto trucks and trailers for delivery. 


Warehouse Management System

 Our Warehouse Management System is designed to optimize efficiency in your supply chain.  The electronic inventory system allows customers 24/7 visibility of your inventory.  Allowing you to monitor inventory levels and movement requests with instant notifications of completion.


Heavy Lift

 Lakeshore Warehousing can facilitate your heavy lifting requirements.  With a combined crane lift capacity of 100,000 lbs. and a super duty forklift, our warehousing team can safely handle moving and storing your goods.