Warehouse Management System


Lakeshore Warehousing, LLC provides our customers access to an industry leading warehouse management system (WMS). Our WMS is designed to support and optimize our customers’ supply chain by driving operational efficiency through your inventory warehousing function.

Our WMS is designed to provide real time reporting to assist your business with the planning, control and utilization of your assets as they move through the supply chain. Our systems give you the power to access your account in real time, providing you the power to optimize your inventory levels to maximize your operational effectiveness and profitability. 

The system also supports our internal warehouse staff in the handling of your goods. Whether they are receiving, inspecting, and accepting or loading goods on carrier vehicles to their final destination, we can direct and validate each step. All this is captured in an audit log and made available for you to monitor your inventory movement and status changes in real time.

Optimizing your supply chain


Real-Time Inventory Management

Jet Park Warehousing, LLC provides access for complete visibility to your 

product and allows for the creation of order requests at the click of a button.   


Automated Documentation

Go paperless!  Jet Park's WMS provides automated documentation to reduce time and errors in your shipping and billing documentation.


24/7 Status Change Notifications

Our WMS provides instant notifications to keep you 

informed when your product is on the move.


Business Intelligence

Lakeshore Warehousing, LLC provides custom reporting and analytics to help you forecast changes to demand, identify trends and manage resources within

  your business and supply chain.